A320 Memory Items

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Memory Items



The flight crew must ensure a safe flight path all the time. If for any reason the safe conduct of the flight is affected, the flight crew must apply the memory items.

The memory items enable to rapidly establish safe flight conditions for a limited period of time in all phases of flight and in all aircraft configurations (weight and slats/flaps).

The flight crew must apply the memory items, if they have a doubton their ability to safely fly the aircraft in the short term with the current parameters, i.e.:

  • Lost of situation awareness
  • The current pitch and thrust are not appropriate for the current flight conditions
  • The aircraft has an unexpected flight path for the current flight conditions.

In the case of abnormal or emergency situations, the flight crew should apply the procedures in the following sequence, as appropriate:

1. MEMORY ITEMS or OEB immediate actions

2. OEB


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